Workshop. Catalonia officially free of bovine tuberculosis: control, prevention and risks in the new scenario

Sala d'Actes, Facultat de Veterinària, UAB,Bellaterra

The aim of this day is to transfer and share knowledge with the livestock and animal health sector, as well as with society in general, about the implications and challenges arising from the fact that Catalonia has recently become officially free of tuberculosis in the bovine species. In particular, the actions carried out during the last decades to reach this milestone and the implications of the new status for herds will be reviewed. It will also describe the current situation of animal tuberculosis in Catalonia, the main risks we still face and the preventive and control measures that need to be maintained and strengthened. The day is aimed at farmers of cattle and small ruminant farms, veterinarians and official veterinarians of sanitation and slaughterhouses, staff of game handling establishments and the hunting sector in general, animal health professionals and human and to all the people interested in the situation and its control

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